Contemporary Art/Other

Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art (sorry no web site). In the municipal building/city hall, Plaza Regocijo, Cusco. They change exhibits about every month with exhibition space in two rooms in front and in the 1st and 2nd floor patios. The art work is for sale, just ask the official tending the exhibition entrance, or if your lucky the artist attending his/her exposition. Note, tourists must purchase Cusco's Boleto Turistico in order to visit this gallery.

Museo del Convento de Santo Domingo - Qorikancha (sorry no web site, but see Charlie Quispe below as a related offering). In the Plazoleta de Santo Domingo.

Cultural Agendas/Calendars

Cusco con Charlie Quispe. Provides links, addresses and contact information for just about ALL of the cultural and art organizations/businesses in Cusco!

logo_cuscoculto Provides a calendar of events for Cusco, a photo gallery of events and reference to their Facebook page. This year (2010) they have been very thorough in showing all events for Cusco as well as photos/stories of past events.

There are other cultural calendars/agendas, but these are the best available online.

Study Art/Music

Apulaya - Center for Andean Music & Art. Workshops, courses y vacations of Andean music and Pre-Colombian art in the sacred valley of the Incas. Emerita and Valerio are friends of ours as well as godparents of our daughter.

Art Shops

Del Hoyo Galleries. My friend Mauricio and his family have three shops in which they display Peruvian art based on aboriginal themes by his wife Mariana as well as original ceramic and woven art objects by various Peruvian artists.

If you are looking for an art souvenir, there are plenty of shops along the streets Triunfo, Hathunrumiyok and Cuesta San Blas leading up to the San Blas barrio of Cusco which sell more mass produced art and copies of art. Some of these art souvenirs are actually pretty good as they are also done by artists albeit 'scanners'.

Intermingled with these art shops you will also encounter the occasional art shop where the owner of the shop is also the artist and all of the art is original art work!

Life's an adventure.

Study Spanish

Excel Language Center. Cusco has many good immersion Spanish study schools as well as English schools and Tefol programs. Excel is one of the best and one of the longest term schools in Cusco, and besides our director's sister is a co-owner and director!