About Fractal Dragon Art Gallery


We are constantly refreshing the gallery, but we've been a little slow in refreshing our web page and the virtual gallery. Unfortunately, we are still 'a little slow' in refreshing the virtual gallery as our nice plans for a refresh in April, 2012 have now turned into a September 'hope of a refresh'.

Since last April, we've had several new expositions by artists such as Velarde & Fernandez, GAD TREND, Darío Jara, Chipana & Aguirre, and most recently Jaime Antillaque. Look to our featured exhibitions page to learn more about these artists.

We'll let you know (via this page) when all this great new 'stuff' from these and other artists have been added to the virtual gallery.

About the Gallery

Corridor - Fractal Dragon Gallery - with Art by Altamirano
We exhibit and sell contemporary Peruvian fine art in Cusco, Peru. Fractal Dragon Art Gallery (Galería del Arte Fractal Dragon) is both a virtual art gallery and a physical art gallery near the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, Peru with 8 exhibition rooms and over 200 square meters of exhibition space.

Our artist in residence and director is Maria Elena Mendoza Altamirano who has shown, sold and taught art for 25 years. Through Elena's contacts in the art community, we've expanded the gallery’s offering to many contemporary artists throughout Peru and South America.

An advantage in having the art gallery in our own home at Calle Arequipa/Q’hapchikijllu 159/175, is that we can hang artwork not only in the gallery space, but also in the corridors and balconies and every other space that is reasonably secure, protected from sunlight and the weather and not rented to another business.

The gallery shares space with Dragon's Palate Restaurant (affliated with art gallery) , El Hada Heladería (The Fairy Ice Cream Parlor) and PIE Peru Tour Conductor at 159 Calle Arequipa/Q’hapchikijllu. From the patio one can access both the ground and 2nd floor levels of the Fractal Dragon Art Gallery. We opened the ground floor of the physical gallery in April 2009 and expanded into large exhibition rooms on the 2nd floor in September 2009.

We show new promising artists as well as well known artists from Cusco and the rest of Peru throughout the year in the in both the first and second floor galleries.

We sell art through the physical gallery in Cusco as well as on-line. If you have questions concerning the gallery you may write an email to the director (see sidebar).

The name fractal dragon is a mix of fantasy (dragon) and mathematics (fractal). This name appeals to our artists who see an internal unity, force or reason behind their art. The fractal dragon image that we use is taken from some far away cranny of the Mandelbrot set.

Other Changes in the Virtual Gallery

In addition to the 'new', we are also cleaning out and cleaning up the old. We've sold many artworks in the past year, but have only now begun to change the status from 'for sale' to 'sold'. Also, some artists have withdrawn some and in some cases ALL of their artworks from the gallery. We are in the process of withdrawing these works from the virtual gallery as well, since we have no possibility to offer them for sale. Those artists that have withdrawn entire from the gallery, we are also in the process of withdrawing from the virtual gallery.

We use Express Mail Service for shipping artworks to our clients. This service, provided by the Peruvian postal service, SerPost, has worked well for us at a shipping cost of about one-third that of private international express shippers. SerPost is part of the network of international shippers that works with the comparable Express Mail Service of all participating countries, so all shipments are tracked easily from the client's home country and shipment is received from their national postal service. We initially offered the option to ship at a lower priority than Express, but have determined that is not practical to maintain this option when almost everyone would choose to use Express priority. So, we have simplified the shipping calculation in the website to only show the express mail option and its cost.

Last year we made changes to the virtual gallery to make it easier to buy artwork from the gallery using PayPal. We understand that it is a matter of trust: buying an artwork from our gallery via the internet. Indeed, ALL of our internet purchases so far have been from visitors to our gallery in Cusco who subsequently have decided to buy something they saw on display while in Cusco. We welcome you to visit and inquire about artwork on display in the virtual gallery.